Throne Position: On-Trail Video Review

Next time you get out to ride, even if it’s just in your driveway, set up a camera and snag some video of yourself in these three situations!

  1. Just cruising around a flat space
  2. Approaching a turn (but before you start to move into the turn)
  3. Approaching a roll-down or drop

Now, check each of these these situations and check yourself:

  1. Are you starting with your hips tall and your head up?

2. Are your knees driven over your toes, with some ankle flex?

3. Are your elbows slightly out in a strong position, rather than tucked into your body or pointing directly out to the side?

4. Is your weight centered over the bottom bracket? This can be a little more difficult to tell in a picture, but when you hop back on your bike, bounce up and down in your Throne Position. Are you engaging both the front and rear suspension equally?

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