Throne Position: Video & Photo Demonstration

Throne Position is the neutral posture we use as a baseline while riding. It’s an athletic bipedal posture that allows us to move through other positions with a sense of power.

Holding your body in any given position is not powerful it itself; it’s the act of moving into a position where the power lies.

The first key element of Throne Position is that you are standing relatively tall over your bike. Notice that Simon’s hips are still high, and he is not hitched at the waist or squatting over his rear wheel.

The second key element is that your knees are over your toes, as we just learned about in the last lesson. Remember that you should expect your ankle to flex in order for your knee to be driven forward.

The third element to note is that the elbows are in a relaxed but strong position; not tucked in against the body, and also not pointing straight out to the sides.

When you are in correct Throne Position, your weight will also be centered over the bottom bracket, allowing you to engage both your front and rear suspension when you push into the pedals with your feet.

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