Attack Position: Video Demonstration

In this video, Simon shows us how he moves from Throne Position into Attack Position. It’s important to note that positions are situational, and that timing is critical to maximize the power of that movement.

What is Attack Position?

In Attack Position, we move our body into our bike, driving our knees further forward and bending our elbows more to bring our chest closer to the bars. Essentially, we are compressing our arm and leg suspension, which gives us the ability to then extend our body suspension as the bike moves away from us again.


Attack position is often used during a steep descent, approaching technical terrain, or for the racer-style drop technique in which you hit a drop at high speed and get your bike to touch down to the ground as soon as possible.

It’s important to note that when you see a downhill racer charging down a technical section and they are crouched down over their bike; that’s simply a moment in time. They are letting the bike move away from and back into their body in adapting to the terrain; they are not constantly crouched down over their bike as the picture may make it seem!

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