Virtual Coaching

Live Video Consultation

Get all your riding questions answered! Bring videos and get real-time personalized feedback and actionable next steps on a wide variety of skills. Photo Borders (27)


Finally you have the chance to get all your most intricate mountain bike questions answered!

Join Simon Lawton for a private 30-minute video call to get real-time feedback on your riding. This time is all about you! Feel free to bring videos of yourself and a list of questions that have been on your mind, including technique, drills, kinesthetics, the body-bike connection, building confidence, and overcoming fear.

How It Works:

  1. Purchase a Virtual Coaching session and you’ll get an Order # in your confirmation email.

  2. Reach out to to schedule your consultation. He is usually on PST.

  3. Gather your videos and questions, and get ready for your coaching call! He will send you a Zoom link at your agreed-upon day and time.
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Pro Tips For Your Virtual Coaching Session

  1. Bring videos that are shot in 3rd person when possible. (Go Pro 1st person makes it hard to see what your body is doing!). Don't worry about video quality; camera phone shots are great!

  2. Write down questions ahead of time so you don't forget anything that's been on your mind.

  3. You are welcome to record your call so you can easily reference your learnings in the future. Photo Borders (28)

Get Started Here!

30-Minute Virtual Coaching Session

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Video Submissions

Submit your video and get personalized frame-by-frame feedback from Simon Lawton.

Whether you’re hoping to carry more speed through corners, get your first taste of air time, pop a wheelie, shred technical descents with confidence, or throw some sweet style in the air, we have you covered. We'll help you identify significant opportunities to improve your technique.

Starting at only $59 per video!