Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy. Actually our lawyers and web people told us to put on up (wait a minute, that's us!) If you find something you don't like, email us, otherwise take those new skills to the trail and @SNAPMTB some turns! No need to keep this private - let others know about your secret weapon to progression - let's share the love! The more members we have, the more content we can create...

This document describes what information is kept by FluidrideOnline and how that information is used. We'll make a well intentioned effort to ensure that this statement is accurate and up-to-date.

This document only applies to the main public website It does not apply to any sites we may link to, identified by other domain names.


Here is the summary for those who want only an overview: most personal information that we have about you is shown in your profile, and you can edit it there. You should assume that what you do on the website is not truly anonymous, certainly not to website administrators. Our website contains a history of all your purchases but your name is never displayed to visitors or other members who are signed in. We do store your credit card information; that kept securely out of our reach by our dedicated hosting server. We may contact you with mountain biking-relevant information, but we don’t sell or share email addresses otherwise. Your SNAPMTB information is separate from any Fluidride transaction you may have made in the past or will make in the future.

What information we keep and don’t keep:

Personal info:
Our website retains your name, email address, street address, phone number, and other information that’s in your profile, as well as any information you provided when signing up. We do not currently record your gender or other demographic information. Your password is recorded only in encrypted form. You may go to your profile at any time to edit your personal information.

Tracking activity:
We record actions performed on the website like purchases but we do not monitor which posts you have read and how many times you've watched Taylor throw sick whips. We currently don’t throw away any information, so there’s still a record of your purchases should you decide to cancel. Viewing of the site is anonymous, but you should assume that your user id is recorded in the database.

We use aggregated search history, page and post visits to determine popular topics and areas we need to improve.

When we run a user survey, your answers to the survey are recorded with a user ID to prevent repeat submissions, but are treated as anonymous when answers and statistics are shown in reports. Only employees and select volunteers may have direct access to the (anonymized) survey results.

When you log on to the site, we use persistent a cookie to track that you’re logged on to the site and to remember your user ID. When you return to the site, you will be automatically signed in again based on the cookie that is stored on your machine.

We do not use cookies for any other purposes and do not use any other user tracking mechanisms like IP addresses or invisible images.

Administrator access:
A small number of our staff and volunteers have access to all information in the website database, no matter what privacy settings you chose. These people have access for business purposes only (answering questions, working on the website, etc.) and are required to use the information only as necessary for official purposes.