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Hit a plateau in your riding, and excited to break through to the next level?

Are you eyeing a new feature, but not sure how to best approach it?

Want confirmation that you're not reinforcing bad habits?

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Submit a video clip of yourself riding!

Now anyone, anywhere in the world, can experience the rapid results that Fluidride has become famous for. We'll help you identify significant opportunities to improve your technique.

Whether you’re hoping to carry more speed through corners, get your first taste of air time, pop a wheelie, shred technical descents with confidence, or throw some sweet style in the air, we have you covered.

Submit your video and get personalized frame-by-frame feedback from Simon Lawton!

How It Works:

  1. Purchase personalized Video Feedback and you’ll get an Order # in your confirmation email.

  2. Submit your short video clip (<20 seconds) and Order # through our online form.

  3. We’ll return your video with personalized coaching using the Fluidride touch within 2 weeks.

  4. Head back out and work on your skills!

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Pro Tips For Your Video Submission:

  1. Video should be under 20 seconds.

  2. We recommend sending the video in full speed, since your speed will be a factor in us giving you the most effective coaching. We’ll have the ability to slow down your footage while giving you feedback.

  3. Side views are great for most skills (jumping, dropping, cornering, etc) and if you’re able to get a second view, or two similar shots on the same terrain, that can be helpful to identify consistencies and variations. Photo Borders (1)

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