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Progress Safer

Use incremental steps and carefully-crafted drills that meet you where you’re at.

Ride Faster

Maximize traction while riding smooth and effortlessly, without taking greater risks.

Gain Confidence

Create predictable outcomes by understanding bike and body mechanics.

Develop Style

Overwrite bad habits and movements that are holding you back!

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We're so glad you're here! Our school and community will help you deepen your understanding of mountain bike techniques through our thoughtfully-crafted lessons and feedback mechanisms that align with all different types of learning styles.

Our goal is to help you surpass your own self-perceived limitations and maximize your enjoyment of mountain biking through thoughtful and calculated progression.

At Fluidride, we understand that knowing what to do is only half the battle. The other half is how to actually start learning it, and what progressive steps you can take to get there. FluidrideOnline is specifically designed to help you take action, assess your technique, and use checkpoints and feedback mechanisms to ensure you're on track.


"I've never learned as much about riding from anyone as I have in the past couple days from you. It’s so convenient to be able to learn via the internet. Keep up the great work. I've just woken up here in Norway and I'm going out for a ride! All the best!"
-Rory/Norway 🇳🇴

"WOW great job!!!! I am in a hurry of testing this. You are a good speaker and its very clear how you explain things. Thank you!”
-Patric/France 🇫🇷

"Your understanding and detailed description is missed in most other training videos and courses. Thanks again for your great work. I will try to do one of your in person courses one day!"
-David/Canberra Australia 🇦🇺