Meet The Instructors

The Fluidride family is focused on empowering riders to exceed their expectations. All of our instructors have hundreds of hours shadowing Simon and teaching both private and group classes. They share an immense love for the sport and for building community.


Simon Lawton

Simon Lawton is the owner of Fluidride, and the creator of the Fluidride Teaching Method. With his hands-on teaching, Simon has helped riders all over the US, Canada, Europe and Central and South America to achieve their riding goals. He has also reached riders in over 100 countries through his free and premium video content.

Simon has been racing mountain bikes for over 20 years, with 16 years of experience in the pro downhill ranks. During his career he amassed over 50 pro podium finishes at regional events, silver and bronze medals from the UCI Masters Downhill World Championships, and a 13th place finish in Chile’s Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Urban Downhill (VCA).

In addition to his riding and teaching, Simon has worked hard as a mountain bike advocate, helping found I-5 Colonnade Mountain Bike Park, and helping to bring Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park to fruition. Simon has also been instrumental in bringing NW racing back to life through his efforts with the Fluidride Cup Racing Series, which is now known as the NW Cup. In addition, Simon spent several years helping bring the Bartlett Tendon Universal Knee to the market through a nonprofit he created. The Bartlett Tendon is the first prosthetic leg in the world to allow above-knee amputees to stand and pedal a bike. Simon has helped thousands of riders reach their riding, racing and life goals.


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Dave Thoms

Dave is FIT Level 1 and Level 2 certified, and has become a very busy and successful Instructor at Fluidride.  Dave was a student for over a decade, and has several years teaching experience alongside Simon. Dave is particularly passionate about helping coach people who have struggled to improve their riding because of fear, long-term habits, or other limits.  For this reason, he prefers to teach Adult Riders. Dave says “There’s nothing quite like watching someone break through to a new level of skill and possibility - getting to be a part of that moment is why I love to teach.”   When he’s not riding, teaching, or spending time hiking with his wife, he applies that same philosophy and his many years working in finance to building his company which aims to improve the financial health and overall personal effectiveness of his clients.

“Dave is an excellent coach and has an absolutely comprehensive understanding of how we teach riders. It is without reservation that I recommend Dave’s coaching on the bike - and off. I’m a client of his. Dave’s Effectiveness Coaching has changed my relationship with money while positively impacting my daily business habits considerably.” Simon Lawton - Owner & Founder/Fluidride

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