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Our online school uses all the primary learning modalities to create a complete understanding of each technique and body movement. We start with rock-solid foundations that are sustainable even at the highest level, so you'll never have to start over when your ability surpasses your technique. We'll teach you how to read terrain at an advanced level, and determine the optimal technique for that given situation.

  • Over 100 video lessons
  • Off-bike kinesthetic activities to feel new movements
  • On-bike drills to develop muslce memory
  • Regular checkpoints to ensure you’re on track
  • Coach’s discussions on biomechanics, fear, and the mental game
  • Feature Films – Like a Pro, Flow-Tonic, and Progression
  • Ask questions and get direct feedback from Simon Lawton and our team of all-star coaches
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While we call it the Fluidride Method, I simply teach the techniques used by the fastest riders in the world. As a former World Cup DH racer myself, I have dedicated my life to studying the most talented riders in the world. I’ve distilled these observations, along with decades of learnings from in-person coaching, into an online platform that teaches the most optimal technique for every riding situation.

The greatest benefit of learning through Fluidride is that everything we teach you will be infinitely sustainable, even at the highest level of riding. We will never teach you a quick-fix or bandaid technique that you’ll eventually have to un-learn as terrain gets more challenging.

Join me on FluidrideOnline to learn tangible and approachable steps to achieve every one of your personal riding goals. We start with the foundations and ensure that your riding progression is as seamless as possible, and we are always here to help you along in your journey.

-Simon Lawton

Owner | Founder | CEO