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Over the last decade, jumps and drops have become a routine part of many trails. Everyone from casual riders to cross country racers are now wanting to learn how to get airborne safely. I think what surprises riders the most once they get a command of jumping is how simple it really is in many ways. Our minds make this a complicated subject, when in fact it's not. Fear can be a challenge for many during the learning process - we are here to help.

  • Learn the basics of jumping

  • Discover Featuring - jumping using natural terrain - to find flow on rough trails

  • Develop the skills to ride drops safely with techniques for every situation

  • Progress to jumping with 'functional style' by creating wanted bike and body movement in the air

Squashing / Racer Style Drops with Jason

As our trail speeds progresses we need to modify our drop technique in order to not overshoot landings. This is especially important for racers who are trying to beat the clock.

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